Zekering 125A MEGA (12-24V)

4,91 Incl. btw

Zekering 125A MEGA (12-24V)

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4,91 Incl. btw

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This 125A MEGA fuse (12-24V) is specially designed for systems with a system voltage between 12V and 24V. MEGA is a model designation and this fuse model comes with MEGA fuse holders.

Note !: Fuses for 12-24V may not be used in 48V systems, and vice versa. The specified voltage value must be followed, so only use 12-24V fuses up to a system voltage of 24V. The voltage range marked on the fuse is important to ensure safety for use within the characteristic that matches the fuse. The certification of the fuses is based on these values.

The status of the fuse: When an excessive current flows due to a short circuit or overload, the safety fuse wire melts and the circuit is interrupted. Unfortunately, this is not clearly visible in all cases, which means that the fuse has to be measured in some cases to determine whether a fuse is broken.


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