Victron Venus GX


Victron Venus GX

The Venus GX can be controlled remotely via the internet. Everything can also be done remotely, this same functionality is also available on the local network, Remote

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Meer informatie

– Console on LAN.
– Automatic start / stop generator
– A fully adjustable start / stop system. Use state of charge, voltage, load and other parameters.
– Define a special number of rules for quiet times, and optionally a monthly test run.
– The heart of the ESS energy storage system

The Venus GX is an energy manager in an ESS system. More information about this can be found in the ESS manual:

When connected to the internet, all data is sent to the VRM portal. If no internet connection is available, the Venus GX stores data internally for up to 48 hours. If a micro SD card or a USB stick is inserted, more data can be stored. The saved files can then be uploaded to the VRM portal or converted offline with the VictronConnect app for analysis purposes.

Victron products that can be connected:
– Multi’s and Quattro’s, including single-phase and three-phase systems. Monitoring and control (on / off and current limiter). The configuration can be adjusted (only remotely via the Internet, not without an Internet connection).
– BlueSolar MPPT solar chargers with a VE.Direct port.
– BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 and the MPPT 150/85 with VE.Can port. When multiple BlueSolar MPPTs with VE.Can are used in parallel, all information is combined into one package. See also our
blog post on Syncing Multiple MPPT 150/70 Solar Chargers.
– The BMV-700 family can be directly connected to the VE.Direct ports on the Venus GX. Use the VE.Direct cable for this.
– The BMV-600 family can be connected to the VE.Direct ports on the Venus GX. A supplied cable is required for this.
– Lynx Ion + Shunt
– Lynx Ion BMS
– Lynx Shunt VE.Can
– Skylla-i battery chargers
– NMEA2000 tank sensors
– A USB GPS can be connected to the USB port. Location and speed are shown on the
display and the data is forwarded to the VRM portal for tracking. The map on
the VRM portal shows the most recent position.
– Fronius PV Inverters
If more than two VE.Direct products are to be connected, the USB can be used.

The Venus GX can be connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable and via Wi-Fi. It does not have an internal GSM modem, which means that there is no slot for a SIM card. You can use a GPRS or 3G router instead.

Other highlights
– The Venus GX can automatically update itself via the Internet when a new software version is available.
– Multiple Languages: English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic.
– Use the Venus GX as a Modbus-TCP gateway for all connected Victron products. See our ModbusTCP


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