Victron Skylla-i 24/80 (3)


Victron Skylla-i 24/80 (3)

A battery charger is intended to charge one or more batteries. With intelligent battery chargers, charging stops automatically when the battery is full, most Victron battery chargers are intelligent battery chargers. Victron battery chargers have many options and many of these battery chargers can charge multiple batteries at the same time.

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High-quality finish

The Skylla-I inverter from Victron has an aluminum housing with epoxy powder coating with a cover plate as protection against condensation. In addition, the mounting material is made of stainless steel to increase resistance to environmental situations such as heat, moisture and salty air. In addition, the printed circuit boards are protected against corrosion with acrylic lacquer.  

In addition, the inverter has temperature sensors that ensure that the power components operate within certain limits and automatically reduce the output current if necessary.

In addition to a CAN bus interface, the inverter has a rotary switch, DIP switches and potentiometers to adapt the charging algorithm to the batteries and the conditions of use of these batteries.

Multiple chargers can be synchronized via the CAN bus interface by connecting the chargers together with RJ45 UTP cables.  

Variable absorption time

If some light discharges occur, the absorption time is shortened to prevent overcharging of the battery. After a deep discharge, the absorption time is automatically increased to ensure that the battery is fully charged.  

Storage function

The storage function is activated when the battery is not discharged during 24 hours to prevent gas formation and corrosion.


Input voltage (AC) 180-265VAC
Capacity 24V / 80A
Number of outputs 3
Waterproof No
IP standard IP21 drip proof
Length 140 mm
Width 250 mm
Height 402 mm
Weight 7.00 kg

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